Precision Laser Scanning Makes Perfect Schedule

By | May 10, 2022

Making inaccurate assumptions about a building structure and infrastructure are the root cause of many design, collision and field issues. These “best-guess scenarios” can have a dramatic impact on the project timeline and budget. Laser scan technology helps you eliminate those types of assumptions and provides you vis...
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Breaking Down the Cost Structure Difference Between Design-Build And Design-Bid-Build

By | April 19, 2022

Design-Build continues to become the preferred project delivery method for many projects in the construction industry. Often, we get the question of what the difference is in price between Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build, and specifically is Design-Build more expensive? The answer is not always black and white and gr...
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We are the Future of JP Cullen!

By | March 31, 2022

  Over the last six years I have been fortunate to be part of our Young Leaders Group and for the past two years I had the amazing opportunity to be the group President. It sure has been a wild ride transitioning leadership during a global pandemic, switching our meetings to virtual, to ending my […]...
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