Process Improvement / Prefabrication

By / February 03, 2022

Prefab JP Cullen Project

Process Improvement

Lean construction improves processes through constant and continuous improvement. It challenges everyone within our organization to identify and eliminate steps in their processes that are wasteful or unnecessary until only the steps that add value remain. This approach constantly pushes organizations to find better ways of doing things and produce better outcomes. That is why lean construction, or Lean Process Improvement as we have coined it, is important to JP Cullen, and our clients.

JP Cullen is built on lean principles. Why does this give us an advantage? Because lean cultures are powerful. Unlike traditional cultures that are reactive and geared around avoiding change, our culture is proactive, built to embrace new approaches, and constantly challenging the status quo. Our culture and employees are focused on anticipating and preventing problems instead of reacting after they happen.

You can see this in how we work and in the way we incorporate the lean process improvement approach at the field level where it matters the most. Where other firms are doing work, we are improving work. Where others think installing computerized scheduled software is what it means to be lean, our superintendents, foremen, and craftspeople are living lean on the job site – continually adding value through repeating cycles of Plan-Do-Check-Act.

All of which is to say that at JP Cullen, lean is not a fad. It is a mindset and philosophy that affects the life of every employee every day.


We have proven prefabrication saves time, reduces costs, creates safer work environments, improves quality, and enhances the revenue stream of project owners. Our projects that utilize prefabrication are experiencing up to 10% savings in cost, 25% savings in schedule, 16% decrease in fall hazard exposure cases, and a 90% reduction in waste.

  • ENHANCES REVENUE STREAM FOR YOU. The quicker you have use of your building, the quicker you can start generating revenue.
  • CREATES SAFER WORK ENVIRONMENTS. More work happening at ground level reduces fall hazard exposure. It also allows for a more organized, clean, and safer work environment.
  • YIELDS PROJECT SAVINGS. Fewer errors and greater efficiencies translate to cost savings for you. When combined with BIM, change orders are significantly reduced.
  • INCREASES SUSTAINABILITY & RAISES ROI. Prefabrication & BIM provides precise measurements, preventing material waste and allowing unused materials to be recycled. Less waste translates into a higher ROI for you.

Case Study
At Franklin Forest Park Middle School, all exterior, 10’ x 30’+, wall panels were prefabricated to accelerate the schedule. The team set over 30 panels a day, allowing the building to be water-tight sooner and for interior work to begin ahead of schedule. The panels were produced at our off-site prefabrication shop and trucked to site. Producing the panels off-site increased worker safety and allowed faster production. By prefabbing, it saved 1 month on schedule allowing the building to be enclosed in three short weeks.

Have an upcoming project where the schedule is tight, and prefabrication might be able to help? Send me an email at, and I would be happy to discuss your project with you and your team!