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Direct Supply Is Here to Shake Things Up

Tiffany Scuglik

When thinking about senior living, innovation and technology are not always the first words that come to mind. For Direct Supply, these words are at the core of their company and they believe in them so much that they even featured them when naming their newly renovated space in downtown Milwaukee.

Direct Supply opened its doors to its new $14 million renovated Innovation and Technology Center this month. Located in the heart of Milwaukee and on the campus of Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), Direct Supply is getting on board with Milwaukee’s new tech hub and seeking creative and innovative students to help find solutions to the current problems in senior living.

History of the Center

Direct Supply’s Innovation and Technology Center originally first came to Milwaukee in 2012, and since then has provided experience to students that has led to internships and careers. The building itself was originally built in 1851 as a German-English Academy and the learning within this space has only progressed over time. Students from MSOE are able to learn firsthand about the different career paths that are possible while working with Direct Supply. The fun environment not only caters to customers but also in recruiting students to bring their talents forward.

Bringing Work and Play Together

Direct Supply’s mission is “One of constant discovery for the greater good.” The new Innovation and Technology Center is where Direct Supply seeks to improve existing technologies and develop forward-thinking innovations related to senior living. As Direct Supply says, “It’s a unique blend of mission, passion and your favorite grandparent”.

Not only is the mission of Direct Supply one to get behind, in turn, the facility creates an environment that further fosters creativity. In a Google-like space, a grass mural of Betty White lines the walls of the main room and a Nintendo Mario tunnel boosts guests up to the next floor. The creativity flows throughout the building with flashing lights, abstract art, and large windows that create a large welcoming space.

Senior care has always and will always be a crucial function in providing easier transitions for families and those who are entering that next phase of their lives. Direct Supply and the Innovation Technology Center are reminders that creativity and play can exist in any space.

Grand Opening

To kick-off the excitement, Direct Supply had their grand opening event where Governor Evers spoke, along with Mayor Tom Barrett, CEO of Direct Supply Bob Hillis and Manager of the Innovation Center Tom Paprocki. They spoke about the impact that this facility will not only have on Milwaukee but Wisconsin as a whole. Direct Supply is at the forefront of innovative solutions to the current problems that exist within the senior care realm. With their new facility, they will be able to continue to find solutions to difficult problems while educating students and the community.

More Information

Interested in checking out the newly renovated Direct Supply Innovation and Technology Center for yourself? Fill out the form at the bottom of Direct Supply’s Come and Explore page to get a tour of the space!

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May 28, 2024