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Construction projects in the United States are increasingly being delivered using the Design-Build delivery method. JP Cullen has vast expertise with Design-Build project delivery and our unique approach delivers the most successful projects for Owners, design firms, and the construction contractors.

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Single-point responsibility

Key Components

  • Owner contracts with Design-Builder for both design and construction (all other major delivery systems have Owner contracting for design and construction services through separate contracts).
  • Designer and contractor are in direct, contractual relationship
  • Transfers majority of responsibility for completeness, accuracy and integration of design and construction processes to Design-Builder


  • Single point of contact
  • Options for fast-tracking the schedule through phasing
  • Constructability analysis inherent to the process
  • Opportunity to maximize market conditions
  • Facilitates innovative design solutions
  • Enhances use of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), 3D design and Lean principles
  • Early cost control and budgeting

Design-Bid-Build vs. Design-Build

Design-Bid-Build: Construction team brought on after design, with open bidding.

Design-Build: Construction team brought on early, facilitating fast-tracking.

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How JP Cullen does design-build different

Broader Range of Services

We offer a broader range of services than other Design-Build contractors, most notably the amount of work we are capable of self-performing. Our ability to self-perform the trades on the critical path of the schedule ensures the development of a highly accurate Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). We tap into the knowledge of our skilled tradespeople to bring insights on constructability into the design process, while our data-driven estimating systems factor in real-time labor, material, and equipment costs. We can be very flexible with clients based upon their procurement requirements to either sole-source or competitively bid different aspects of the work. We have a strong reputation among subcontractors that perform the same trades that JP Cullen. They appreciate our integrity and commitment to fairness, allowing us to consistently secure competitive pricing from the marketplace for the trades we self-perform.

Highly-Qualified Team

Our team includes certified DBIA professionals who have undergone rigorous training and met stringent criteria, giving them a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances specific to the Design-Build project delivery method. This gives us a thorough understanding of the collaborative nature of Design-Build, risk management, cost control, and efficient project execution. Additionally, we have in-house experts in space programming, conceptual design development, constructability analysis and structural engineering, ensuring a well-rounded team. While we do not aim to supplant the engineer’s role, we strategically deploy these experts to complement the team when needed, enhancing project capabilities and versatility.

Utilize Cutting Edge Technology

We leverage Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), like 3D modeling and BIM, to streamline the Design-Build process. Recognizing the critical importance of speed to market in project delivery, we continually assess our processes, tools and workflows to enhance efficiency. For instance, our VDC team recently introduced a streamlined workflow to our laser scanning process, reducing the scan duration of a facility from 2-3 days down to just 1 day. This dedication to technology-driven efficiency optimizes speed to market and operational continuity, a top priority in project success.

Our Projects

How does this compare to other delivery methods?

Several studies have assessed the relative performance of Design-Bid-Build, construction manager at risk and Design-Build delivery methods. The results are consistent – Design-Build is the best on schedule and overall cost, with no diminution of quality.

Penn State conducted a study on behalf of the Construction Industry Institute, where they surveyed 350 public and private sector facilities evenly divided among delivery systems (meaning they had experience with all of them). The results from the study are included here, where you can see that Design-Build delivered equal or higher quality when compared to the other delivery methods.

Study Results
Source: Penn State & Construction Industry Institute
Unit Cost
Design-Build at least 4.5% less than CM and 6% less than DBB
Construction Speed
Design-Build at least 7% faster than CM and 12% faster than DBB
Delivery Speed
Design-Build at least 23% faster than CM and 33% faster than DBB
Design-Build exceeded quality expectations at all levels
Director - Industrial Division
Ben Menaker
Ben Menaker
Director - Industrial Division
Director - Industrial Division
Chris Miller
Chris Miller
Director - Industrial Division

In-House Experts

Our in-house experts have a keen understanding of the importance of a well-designed plan for encouraging innovation and creating a team culture on collaboration with stakeholders throughout the entire life of the project – from the day we are hired and beyond the completion of construction.

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