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Self-Performed Work

Our clients recognize us as experts at working within active construction sites where safety is of the utmost importance, discovering solutions for something that was said could not be done, and leverage every bit of our technical expertise, market insight and collaborative skill to complete your project on time and on budget, the right way, the first time.

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In-house capabilities

Our company is powered by individuals whose personal values drive to make a difference constructing the tough jobs. We are privileged to employ over 500 tradespeople. We have the expertise, resources, and management experience to provide you with the services you desire, the creativity you require and results you deserve.

We strive to self-perform as much of the work as possible. This will benefit you directly because we can make a positive impact on cost, schedule and quality. Most of our work activities are on the critical path of the schedule (tasks that must start and finish on time to ensure schedule is met) such as structural steel. Any delay in a critical path activity will delay the entire project. Self-performing allows us to control, manage and often accelerate the schedule. It cuts costs for our clients because it eliminates the additional fee that a subcontractor would apply.

Schedule & Quality Control

The ability to self-perform with access to over 500 construction professionals allows us to provide competent, trained experts, even in times of labor shortages.

Low Cost Provider

Pricing of our self-performed work draws on our accurate historical costs and includes lean construction techniques that serve to lower the overall cost of work. Our team regularly participates in the competitive bidding environment. Historically, we average 3.5% lower than our competition when we are the low bidder; no other team can make that claim.

Trades We Self-Perform

Our Projects

Division Manager of Construction Services
Adam Mentink
Adam Mentink
Division Manager or Construction Services

In-House Experts

Our in-house experts, led by Adam Mentink, have a keen understanding of the importance of a well-designed plan for both engaging and educating stakeholders throughout the entire life of the project – from the day we are hired and beyond the completion of construction. We will ensure you have a strategic plan and assist you in the planning and execution of self-performed projects.

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    Fiserv Forum Steel

    Self-Performed Work Case Study


    tons of steel


    levels plus a roof


    mph wind speed


    weeks ahead of schedule

    As a subcontractor to Mortenson, we erected the steel for the recently constructed Fiserv Forum. The structural steel was erected inside the arena bowl making limited quarters for the crews, materials, and equipment. Our project team planned this process safely through utilizing Virtual Design to create a 3D model of the site planning long before the cranes would be placed. In just ten months, Ironworkers erected the project’s 8,000 tons of structural steel, finishing three weeks ahead of schedule and within budget, allowing for the following trades to begin their work ahead of schedule, contributing to the project’s overall success.