Contractor Services

By / February 06, 2022

We have been implementing contractor services programs for more than 20 years. Numerous clients have made our program their corporate standard, including UW Health, UnityPoint Health-Meriter, Stoughton Health and Chrysler. Our program defines each element of the process and provides guidelines on execution of both the proposals and the work. We will work with you to customize processes and procedures, and utilize standard forms to simplify the implementation of your contractor services – resulting in increased efficiency and improved effectiveness. A few tools and processes we use are:

You will receive value engineering alternatives as a routine part of our delivery communication process, following these steps:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Developing creative alternatives
  3. Evaluating each alternative
  4. Presenting the alternatives to you.

Our project managers and superintendents will collaborate to develop the master schedule. Once under construction, they will use planning techniques for fast-tracking schedules such as storyboarding and daily-end-of-shift meetings.

Our approach involves our estimating and construction teams, as well as design, engineering and trade partners, ensuring there is a diverse group with different points of view to guarantee no stone goes unturned. With 50% of our work in the hard bid market, we know what it takes to be the low cost provider. Some of our best practices include: providing bracketed cost information on the spot, value engineering options, and a transparent competitive bid process.

Our team will implement QA/QC procedures, responsibilities, and protocols based on our familiarity with your requirements and standards to ensure the construction is executed in accordance with all facility requirements. We will do this through: contract documents, inspections and testing, material reviews, mock-ups, job activity documentation, and weekly and daily meetings.

For each project, our team will thoroughly assess the site, phases, and departments that will be affected to develop a project-specific plan to address the unique concerns of that specific project to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, and staff.

Our approach to closeout begins when the project starts. We will obtain final copies of all closeout documents when 50% of a subcontractor’s work is complete so we have everything ready to hand over by the substantial completion date. We also handle DHS closeout, providing all paperwork and documentation to ensure timely occupancy and avoid unnecessary delays. To increase speed to market, we will utilize PlanGrid to manage the punchlist, eliminating hours of manual data entry, saving time and money.

Interfacing with the owner and architect will happen daily, providing the open communication required for a successful project. This collaborative leadership and partnering will allow the team to confidently confirm that the right decisions are made regarding budgets, constructability, value engineering, and schedule.



  • COST SAVINGS Achieve cost avoidance over the conventional method of implementing these projects through this program.
    Receive all savings recognized on the projects.
  • HIGH-LEVEL SERVICE Receive higher service levels due to long-
    term commitment of suppliers, standardized procedures, integrated design, and construction processes.
  • INCREASED QUALITY Benefit from increased and consistent quality due to our team’s familiarity with Hospital requirements, partnering relationships with the project team, ongoing communication, and evaluation of performance requirements.
  • SPEED TO MARKET Bring your projects to market better and faster because of our familiarity, our expertise in healthcare construction, and our ability to self-perform work.

Is your facility in need of a contractor services program? Send me an email at and I would be happy to discuss your it with you and your team!