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Youth Apprenticeships

In 2015 we launched our Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program and have partnered with Districts in Rock, Dane, and Milwaukee counties since. Our YA program is a great opportunity to learn from experienced veterans and earn credits toward your registered apprenticeship while still finishing High School.

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Apprenticeship Opportunities

Check back soon for summer 2024 opportunities!
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Employee Check-In

Then & Now

Meet Tom

Tom Pertzborn, Senior Project Manager with our Healthcare Division, has been with JP Cullen since 1996 starting as an intern:

“Many things have changed since I started with JP Cullen. Fax Machines were the modern technology, my first cell phone looked like I was calling in an air strike, and JP Cullen was not even half the size we are today.

I started with a group of 6 interns which was the largest amount of interns JP Cullen had hired prior to that time.

Over the last 20 some years I have been lucky enough to work with three generations of Cullen’s.”

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My experience as a site engineer intern led me to choose to work full time for JP Cullen. I was given real responsibilities and the right amount of guidance. JP Cullen has the best work environment and most supportive mentors that I have experienced so far in my career. I like working in construction because every day is different, and every day brings a new challenge.

Madeline Connell
Site Engineer
JP Cullen

A reason why I chose JP Cullen is because each day looks different from the next. My role in IT allows me the ability to service our teams in the office and field as well as having exposure to many different projects. It’s so cool to have the opportunity to learn more about what our crews are capable of while helping them become more effective with the technology at their fingertips.

Jessica Farrar
Field Technology Engineer
JP Cullen

I chose JP Cullen because of their variety of work. Everyday is something different and I am constantly learning new things. I was also drawn to the strong mentorship opportunities the safety team could provide me as a young safety professional.

Jack Neuens
Safety Specialist
JP Cullen

I enjoy working for JP Cullen because of their continued investment into the development of their employees, and their dedication to process improvement on all levels of the operation. Both focuses lead to an exciting culture filled with coworkers that are a joy to work with.

Ben Sonnentag
Project Manager
JP Cullen

When I started working here, I quickly found out that JP Cullen is a great family business that truly cares and is dedicated to helping you grow. They go above and beyond for their employees and the atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. I am only 23 but I know I will retire from JP Cullen, and I have many more great years ahead with the company.

Savannah Skinner
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
JP Cullen


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