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Youth Apprenticeships

In 2015 we launched our Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program and have partnered with Districts in Rock, Dane, and Milwaukee counties since. Our YA program is a great opportunity to learn from experienced veterans and earn credits toward your registered apprenticeship while still finishing High School.

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Apprenticeship Opportunities

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Employee Check-In

Then & Now

Meet Tom

Tom Pertzborn, Senior Project Manager with our Healthcare Division, has been with JP Cullen since 1996 starting as an intern:

“Many things have changed since I started with JP Cullen. Fax Machines were the modern technology, my first cell phone looked like I was calling in an air strike, and JP Cullen was not even half the size we are today.

I started with a group of 6 interns which was the largest amount of interns JP Cullen had hired prior to that time.

Over the last 20 some years I have been lucky enough to work with three generations of Cullen’s.”

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