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JP Cullen’s Ancestral Roots Continue to Grow Firm with Horicon State Bank

Tiffany Scuglik

JP Cullen has been around for more than 127 years. With that many years of experience often comes historical connections and a unique opportunity to see where it all began. In 1860, George P. Cullen became a respected carpenter and homebuilder in the Janesville area. His love for construction led his son, John Patrick (J.P.) Cullen, to start his own construction company in 1892. Soon after, the company began its legacy by taking on different projects and one of them happened to be the Horicon State Bank located in Horicon, WI.  

Generations later, George L. Cullen, 5th Generation, took a visit to the historical building with JP Cullen carpenter, Jason Labinski. Since the original construction, The Horicon State Bank building has been recognized by the National Register of Historical Places. This recognition is quite an accomplishment, as there are only two other buildings in the city that have earned this level of achievement for their historical features. In 1915, The Horicon Reporter wrote: “It may be stated without fear of contradiction that no bank in the State of Wisconsin in towns of the class of Horicon can compare with it and it would be a credit to any city in the state.”    

Some of the unique characteristics include terrazzo floors and baseboards, marble wainscoting, ornamental plaster, bronze grill work, and an elaborate set of four teller wickets. Although there have been renovations that have taken place over the years, the building has sustained its unique characteristics. It is an honor to be a contributor to a building with such a rich history, and we strive to continue the legacy that J.P. Cullen started back in 1892.  

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May 28, 2024