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Seth’s Summer at JP Cullen


The school year is just around the corner, and JP Cullen will be saying farewell to all of our awesome summer interns, including Seth Fisher. Seth spent his summer working and learning as an Engineering Intern at JP Cullen, and is finishing up his Civil Engineering degree this school year at UW-Platteville. We sat down with Seth before he headed back and asked him to share some of his experiences.


What types of job responsibilities did you work on this summer?

On a daily basis, I was responsible for processing RFIs and submittals, ordering material and products while comparing prices, maintaining project timelines by following up on the product arrival dates/times, and taking inventory of material as it arrived, along with keeping daily logs of work performed by JP Cullen and subs. My other job responsibilities included implementing preventative safety processes and helping facilitate Phase 2 punch list, which I received the nickname “Punch List Champion” for. I also had the opportunity to observe the process of how footing and wall foundations are put together and poured and how precast is safely demolished and erected.


What did you take away from your internship this summer?

After completing this internship I came to the conclusion that in order to be successful in the construction industry you need to ask questions, be a good communicator, and be able to work within a team.


What was your favorite project that you worked on this summer?

My favorite project that I worked on at JP Cullen was the punch list for phase two at the UW Hospital Parking Ramp. There were many different items that needed to be finished by a certain date, and it was my duty to work with the JP Cullen crews and subcontractors to complete them. Knowing how important it was to complete this and that the responsibility was given to me, felt great.

Why was this internship so meaningful to you?

I am pleased to say that this internship with JP Cullen has been by far the best. With saying “by far the best”, I am referring to the relationships I made, and the experiences I gained to shape my career. I had the pleasure of working alongside Mike Kemp (Superintendent), Alex Rexrode (Project Engineer), and Tim Bizjak (Project Manager) as well as the crew throughout the summer. They made themselves available to answer my questions and to provide guidance so that I would have a rewarding internship.



What skills have you developed working here?

  • Making sure to ask questions! This is such a crucial aspect to learning, especially in the construction industry. If there was something I wasn’t sure of or didn’t know what the JP Cullen workers were doing, I was sure to ask.
  • How to interact with subcontractors and state officials
  • What to watch for when looking for safety hazards, and then proceeding to fix it or warn someone of it.
  • Do not be timid (which relates to interacting with workers/subcontractors/state officials and asking questions). Step forward and ask the question or bring up what you have in mind.

What was something challenging you did?

Create lift drawings for the masonry crews. I had to use my AutoCad and measuring skills to make sure I had drawings that had correct measurements and were easy to read. What I had on the drawings is what they were going to build, so it had to be perfect.


Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience here at JP Cullen?

I am pleased to say that my internship with JP Cullen has been truly rewarding. The relationships I made, and the experiences I gained shaped my career. I believe that all my experiences here at JP Cullen have prepared me for what is ahead of me in my career.


What are your goals for after graduation?

I am confident that these experiences will help me transition into taking on the responsibilities that come with being a project engineer for a construction company. JP Cullen is at the top of my list for companies that I would like to apply to for a full time position. I believe that this internship has displayed my technical skills, personal qualifications, and my motivation to become a valuable project engineer here.



A big thank you for Seth’s help this summer! We wish him luck on his last year of school.

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April 9, 2024