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Sky High Solutions: Roof Surveys and Beyond with Drone Technology

Pete Scharenbroch

JP Cullen’ s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team, led by Pete Scharenbroch, has been at the forefront of innovation consistently identifying new avenues to leverage technology. Explore how our team has strategically identified opportunities to use drones for roof surveys and the benefits of doing so.

For years our team has been conducting roof surveys in the safest, most efficient way possible. Surveying your roof plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity, safety, and the longevity of your building. The primary objective of these surveys is to systematically identify and address issues on the roofs, ranging from broken snow rails and missing shingles to water pooling and drainage concerns, and beyond.



Enhanced Safety: The integration of drone technology has significantly reduced the amount of time workers need to physically access rooftops. This ensures a safer work environment by minimizing the risks and safety concerns with manual roof inspections and surveys.

Cost Efficiency: By utilizing drones for roof surveys, JP Cullen’s VDC team reduces project costs by eliminating the need for lifts or scaffolding to access the elevated areas.

Time Optimization: Traditional roof inspections can be time-consuming, requiring significant manpower and resources. However, with drone surveys, the process is streamlined, taking less than 15 minutes to capture comprehensive photos and data. This time efficiency translates to faster issue identification, speeding up the time to resolution.


With five licensed drone pilots on staff, in addition to roof survey, our team can provide valuable data, visuals, safety enhancements, and streamlined project management. Beyond drones, JP Cullen’s comprehensive technology toolbox gives our clients cutting-edge solutions, ensuring efficiency and innovation throughout preconstruction and construction.

As the first Wisconsin contractor to own a laser scanner, we capture precise 3D scans of real-world conditions, minimizing shutdown times, creating accurate as-built models, eliminating conflicts between MEP systems, and enhancing coordination. Leveraging Autodesk products for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and MEPF coordination, accelerates design, reduces RFIs, and ensures a high-quality end product. Our use of 360 panoramic cameras enables virtual walk-throughs, facilitating project review and future investigations. Additionally, our adoption of virtual reality (VR) transforms the visualization process, allowing stakeholders to explore 3D spaces and anticipate the outcome with ease.

Our VDC team is committed to delivering transformative technology services that increase the value we bring to your project, without exceeding budget constraints.

To explore how similar innovations can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects, contact Pete Scharenbroch at and check out our VDC services page, to discover how JP Cullen can elevate your construction practices and contribute to the success of your future endeavors.

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May 28, 2024