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Building Women Leaders

Liesl Yerke

Last month we launched a new Building Women Leaders group. The group’s mission is to provide opportunities for our women coworkers to connect with, support, and empower each other to grow and succeed. The kickoff meeting highlighted a talk from our own women leader, Jeannie Cullen Schultz.

Women are proven to struggle disproportionately more than men when it comes to mental health, work-life balance, and equality in the workplace. However, when women have the support and resources they need, they bring efficiency, innovation, diversity, and leadership to the workplace. Promoting psychological safety in the workplace is imperative to the success of a company and its employees.

Each meeting will begin with an opportunity for individuals to celebrate a success and ask for support from the group. Topics will focus on training and promoting success. Our group will provide an opportunity to cultivate this environment and give us the tools and support to promote it through the rest of the company.

To kick off the first meeting we thought the best way to showcase the intention and mission of this group was to invite our very own Co- President Jeannie Cullen Schultz to speak. She focused on how she balances the many roles she takes on in her life. As all our group members can relate to, the juggling of family and work. Prioritizing the right role at the right time is crucial to maintain a positive work-life balance.

Jeannie continued her presentation with the 10 Principles of Leadership that she learned as she has grown in her career. While some principles consist of common practices like respect and trust, others were unique to our company culture. Jeannie stated, “It is time for a relationship revolution.” Have more conversations and get to know each other. Make time in the week to go out to lunch with someone new. Positive relationships are the core of positive leadership.

Furthermore, Jeannie stressed that each member of a team must be responsible for their own self-determination. Internal motivation and accountability will drive the collective team to success. Jeannie’s leadership presentation inspired the group that there is always room to grow in our roles, herself included.

Our next topic will be presented by member, Marissa Young with a continuation on Building Relationships. Moving forward, the intent is for this group to provide a safe space for all to learn and grow at JP Cullen. Stay tuned for more updates from Building Women Leaders.

If you would like to hear more about Building Women Leaders or Careers at JP Cullen, reach out to Kelsey Bull at 

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May 16, 2024