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Meet the Crew: Callum Toal

Tiffany Scuglik

We are shining the spotlight on Callum Toal!

Move Across the Pond

In 2006, Callum moved to the United States from the United Kingdom. Following his big move to the United States, Callum attended the University of Wisconsin‐Platteville and graduated in May of 2018. He has been with JP Cullen for a year and a half. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, swimming, working out, and anything he can do outdoors.

Current Projects

Callum is currently working as a Site Engineer with our Industrial Division at the Alliant Energy Riverside Expansion project. He also lends a hand when needed to the Industrial Estimating team.

When it comes to his multitude of projects, Callum says, “The best part is the variety of projects I am getting to experience and work on. I’ve already worked on a power plant and will be going to work on a manufacturing plant next. I’ve also helped estimate everything from office spaces to equipment replacement.”

Best Advice

Callum recalls some of the best advice he has received saying, “My Operations Manager really stressed to me the importance of documentation. That advice has definitely made my life easier when trying to recall conversations with our contractor or direction given to us.”

As for JP Cullen, Callum says that some of his favorite parts of the company are the diversity between projects and people along with the strong work ethic the company has and continues to promote.

Interested in joining our crew? Check out our job listings here!

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May 28, 2024