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Meet the Crew: Cristo Rey Student Workers

Tiffany Scuglik

This week’s Meet the Crew is about our student workers Oscar, Katherine, Poli, and Evelyn from Cristo Rey High School in Milwaukee!  As the school year ends and summer break begins, we are seeing off these four and hoping we get to work with these wonderful students again next year!

Corporate Work Study Program

Every year, Cristo Rey High School partners up with local businesses in the Milwaukee area to give students a chance to get experience in a professional work environment and give them the opportunity to network with businesses. Students are given tasks ranging from administrative to research work. Find out more information about the program here.

Our Awesome Students

We were paired with four students this year: Oscar, Katherine, Poli, and Evelyn. These students worked on a variety of work in different departments including our estimating, marketing, as well as projects from our job sites. Our goal was to help students get a variety of different experiences and understand the different roles it takes to make a construction firm successful.

We interviewed our students before they left for the summer asking them what they liked most about the Corporate Work Study Program and what they enjoyed about working at JP Cullen. Answers included that they “feel so lucky to have this opportunity to work with businesses unlike some of their friends at different schools who don’t”. Many students said that their favorite part about working at JP Cullen was that there was “always something new to do every day”.

Thank you Oscar, Katherine, Poli, and Evelyn for all the hard work this past year! We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Cristo Rey High School in this great program.

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July 17, 2024