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Meet the Crew: Randy Kisley

Tiffany Scuglik

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Get to know Randy Kinsley, Superintendent at JP Cullen.

What caused you to get into your profession?

I have two uncles and a grandfather that took carpentry apprenticeships and became superintendents. They were all very proud of the buildings they worked on and that pride fueled me to also want to run construction projects.

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement outside of work was getting my OUPV (six pack license). This license allows me to captain uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons (about 75 to 90 feet long).

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My proudest work achievement at JP Cullen has been completing the electrical duct package at General Mitchel Airport. This project consisted of a new electrical distribution building and a large underground electrical duct package installation. Roughly 34,089 cubic yards needed to be removed to make way for the new duct packages. There was 20,000 cubic feet of concrete forming and 1,664 yards of concrete that needed to get placed around the new duct package. A few of the challenges the we faced on the job were an extremely early winter that proved to be unseasonably cold and snowy, excavating next to the historic Milwaukee Bomber airplane, excavating within feet of the air traffic control tower, and the usual security clearance issues faced when working at an airport. The excavation was very tricky as the duct packages crisscrossed over and under many existing utilities. One success story that came out of the project involved prefabbing all the electrical conduits in 20’ sections and simply placing the twenty foot runs in the excavation. The runs were glued together by a crew of electricians while another crew was bringing the next twenty foot section over to be set. I enjoyed the challenges the project brought and appreciated all the hard work the entire job team put in to make it a successful project.

Who has been most inspirational to you in your career?

Gerald Swindle is the most inspirational person to me in my professional and personal life. Gerald is the funniest man in the professional fishing world. Besides his constant supply of humorous quips and his southern drawl, he is a guy gifted with talent fueled by a wondrous work ethic and a compassionate soul.

What is one thing no one knows about you?

That I couldn’t identify a celebrity in public if my life depended on it. This past Friday I sat across the bar from Gilbert Brown as my wife and I waited on a table at a Milwaukee restaurant. I had no idea who he was until after he left and I asked the bartender why everyone wanted a picture with him.

What is the funniest moment in your career?

I’ll let you decide. The time my project manager was late to a storyboard meeting because he couldn’t get his Dachshund puppy to come back in the house after letting him out to go to the bathroom, or the time my project manager told me he kept dropping my phone calls because his cell phone didn’t work near gas stations.


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April 9, 2024