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Be Kind to Your Mind: The Impact of Mental Wellbeing in Construction

George Cullen

The Pandemic has brought the topic of mental wellbeing to the forefront of most conversations. For decades, mental wellbeing has been impacting more workers within the construction field than you may think and at some point, in their career, every worker will experience some type of mental wellbeing challenge due to some type of stressor.

The Stigma/Barriers of Mental Wellbeing

Historically, there has been a negative stigma about being open about mental wellbeing and this is especially true in the construction industry. People sometimes keep their feelings bottled up for fear of being judged by their fellow colleagues which leads to silence, shame, and self-blame. The fear of being judged prevents workers from talking and asking questions to understand mental wellbeing, ultimately keeping them from seeking help. The greatest weapon against stigma is being open and letting workers know it’s OK not to be OK!

Mental Wellbeing Signs and Symptoms

It is extremely important to recognize when someone is struggling with their mental wellbeing. There are signs that are observable, what a worker does in their day to day. These are a deteriorating appearance, they are disorganized, they are hostile or agitated, they display poor decision making, and have a loss of productivity. There are subjective symptoms which are much harder to observe because the worker must tell you how they are feeling. These are feelings of sadness, hopelessness, self-doubt, fatigue, and physical complaints.

Free Helplines You Can Promote to Your Employees


Everyone struggles and it’s OK to not be OK. What you can do for your workers is learn what resources are available to you and have the courage to ask for help or offer help to someone in need. Sharing your own experiences goes a long way and encourages others to open up and seek help. Providing mental wellbeing resources to your workers helps your company and the construction industry fight the stigma. JP Cullen has partnered with Perspectives to provide a 24/7 mental wellbeing and therapy hotline for staff and family to call or text to seek counseling. If you or someone on your team want to learn more about how JP Cullen has implemented our mental wellbeing initiative and what resources you can offer your workers, please reach out via email to discuss further:

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April 9, 2024