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Cullen Breaks Ground at UW-Madison Human Ecology in Madison, WI


University Preschool children equipped with their hardhats, participated in the School of Human Ecology groundbreaking. UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin, Governor Jim Doyle, and School of Human Ecology Dean Robin A. Douthitt were also on hand to share their support for the project.

Cullen is responsible for renovating the 100 year old, 76,000-square-foot building and providing a 97,000-square-foot addition. Both the renovation and the new structure will be 5-story buildings. Another new element that Cullen will be adding to the building area will be a one-story parking garage.

The renovation and addition will enable all Human Ecology programs, including the Preschool Laboratory, Design Gallery, Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, and five other academic and research centers to be housed in one building. The new facility will also serve as a home for student organizations, a cafe, and informal gathering spaces.

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May 16, 2024