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Student Involvement During Construction

Colleen Wischnewski

At JP Cullen we do not just build buildings; rather we create an environment where learning is incorporated right into construction as an educational tool for students and staff. Our company mission is centered around identifying, training and retaining the best people to help us serve our customers. To uphold our mission and our commitment to the industry we use some of the below activities/tools but we strive to customize our student involvement plan with you and your staff to best fit your students.

  • TOURS of the project on a regular basis to see the progress from “behind the scenes.”
  • BEAM SIGNING gives students the opportunity to stamp their legacy on their own school.
  • HANDS-ON EXERCISES and activities whenever possible.
  • SHADOWING of construction activities and processes.
  • SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES to present project updates at various milestones throughout the project.
  • TECH TURNS PROGRAM – a two-year, real-world learning lab for students to explore different career paths by working side-by-side with our employees throughout construction.
  • YOUTH APPRENTICESHIPS integrating school-based and work-based learning to instruct students in employability and occupational skills. We provide training based on the statewide youth apprenticeship curriculum guidelines for 5-10 students a year.
  • ATTEND YOUR ANNUAL CONSTRUCTION CAREER FAIR When taking a step into our career fair, you will notice it is not the traditional fair you are used to. Construction is a hands-on field, so to best understand the different career paths we offer a variety of activities allowing students to put themselves into the shoes of the different trades.

While doing a technical education addition for Hamilton, our team did the following to engage with students:

  • GUEST SPEAKERS for their introductory and advanced to Architecture and Construction courses.
  • TOURS OF THE PROJECT on a regular basis to see the progress from “behind the scenes.”
  • MENTORED THEIR SKILLUSA CHAPTER. This organization brings all of the Applied Engineering Department together to allow students the opportunity to interact, learn leadership skills, and compete in various contests. SkillsUSA is very similar to FFA, FBLA, DECA, and FCCLA, in which students compete in contests related to their departments. There are over 80 different contests available to students. To name a few; Welding, Construction, Drafting, Architectural Drafting, Photography, and Screen Printing.
  • DONATED A JOB BOX FULL OF TOOLS for their new spaces.

During construction our crew gave the technical education students hands-on experience in using masonry tools and materials. Our team prefabricated the masonry bond beam lintels in their shop to show them how to build them and how they would be used for the addition to their schools. Involving students in the project was a great way to give them a real-life example of what it is like to work in the trades, and gives them the opportunity to stamp their legacy on their own school!

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May 16, 2024