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Facility Maintenance Programs: Benefits of an On-Site Contractor

Tiffany Scuglik

Are you consistently requiring maintenance at your facility? It can be frustrating having to go find a contractor and go out for bid every time there is a small upgrade needed or repair that needs attentionMany companies are now preferring to work with only one contractor through a master services agreement due to the benefits of efficiency, cost savings, and ability to act quickly in cases of emergency, as well as having a trusted partner that knows their facilities, employees, and company intimately.

Our team has been creating, implementing, and improving  facility maintenance programs for more than 30 years. Our past President, Ron Becher, developed General Motors’ first contractor services program while he was employed with them as an Engineer Manager. After joining JP Cullen, Ron replicated the program into our service offerings as he saw the value it provided to General Motors. From there, it became the corporate standard and is still used today. 

We work with our clients to customize our program to match their processes. We have found that over time we have become an extension of our clients through these programs, providing a go-to person for regular facility maintenance and repairs, or when last minute projects come up. Below are some of the benefits to consider when deciding whether to implement a contractor services program.  

Expert Technicians

Building a relationship with a technician who knows your business and is familiar with your equipment is beneficial for both parties. When you have a scheduled maintenance contract, the contractor team will acquaint themselves with your business processes and specific systems beforehand, so they will know exactly which are most crucial for your operations. You will receive better service due to the long-term commitment of suppliers, standardized procedures, integrated design, and construction processes.  

Dedicated Service Schedule  

Through contractor services programs, your representative can manage the preventative maintenance operations for you, allowing you to focus on the throughput of your business. They will keep track of your routine maintenance schedule, supply orders, and contact you when further action may be needed.  

Emergency Service 

Emergencies happen frequently and can have monumental cost implications. When your equipment or systems are down unexpectedly, time is of the essence. You can avoid wasting valuable minutes searching for a new maintenance provider to assist you by having a contract service agreement in place. 

Increased Longevity 

Mechanical systems are a significant investment and prolonging the life of the investment is of utmost importance. By sticking to a routine maintenance schedule, your facility will undergo thorough inspections designed to catch any serious issues before they cause a major problem, helping to ensure your operations will continue at peak efficiency. 

Want to learn more of how to set up and implement a contractor services program for your plant? Contact Tricia Braun, Director of Client Strategies, to take you through the process step by step.  

 Check out other clients we have implemented contractor services program and learn about the cost and schedule savings they have had through this program: 



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May 16, 2024