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Precision Laser Scanning Makes Perfect Schedule

Betsy Ennis

Making inaccurate assumptions about a building structure and infrastructure are the root cause of many design, collision and field issues. These “best-guess scenarios” can have a dramatic impact on the project timeline and budget. Laser scan technology helps you eliminate those types of assumptions and provides you visual confirmation along with incredibly accurate dimensions. 

Raising the Bar through the Ceiling

UW Health, recently had eight Operation Rooms (ORs) that needed to be renovated due to out of date booms and lighting. The renovation included:

  • Replacement of All Light & Booms
  • Additional Above Ceiling Structural Steel
  • Replacing/Rerouting of MEPFs
  • Replacing Flooring

It was difficult to physically see what was above ceiling because there were only four access panels to look up into. These access panels, just a few feet in diameter, were the only entrance into the ceiling that we had access too before construction began. With the space being operational, a second chance to go back and look was not an option.

We brought in our Virtual Design & Construction team to laser scan above the drywall ceiling via the four access panels. The resulting point cloud data was used to visualize existing conditions and resolve conflicts with proposed structural steel and MEPFs. This laser scan cloud data clearly identified critical adjacent OR lighting conduits that allowed JP Cullen to propose design modifications that enabled the hospital to continually operate in adjacent rooms without unnecessary shutdowns.

This process eliminated surprises and helped the job team in planning. We were able to make structural design modifications prior to construction avoiding unnecessary shutdowns of adjacent ORs. Schedule delays and multiple mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection issues that could have added weeks to the schedule.

Laser scanning not only saves time, but can enhance the project in a number of other ways. Reducing rework, minimizing risks, and the ability for optimal visualization with panoramic photos are just a few of the other benefits.

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Are you interested to learn more about how laser scanning can be used in your project? Contact Tricia Braun,, to find out how we can apply this technology to your next project!

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May 16, 2024