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90 Year Partnership with General Motors

Tiffany Scuglik

In 1919, JP Cullen was awarded the project to build the original plant for General Motor’s (GM) predecessor – the Samson Tractor Company. Since that initial contract, JP Cullen has built or remodeled 3 million square feet of the plant. As the plant grew over 90 years, JP Cullen was involved in every major expansion.

1919 — Original Construction

Original construction of the plant for General Motors’ predecessor, the Samson Tractor Company.

1956 — Chevrolet Motors Division

Alteration and addition to Chevrolet Motor Division.

1967-1988 — Multiple Projects

Completed multiple projects for GM during this time period, including many alterations and additions.

1990 — Product Review Conference Center

Project allowed customers to see how their trucks were built, as well as observe the finished product as it rolled off the assembly line.

2000 — PDPM Facility Management Contract

JP Cullen Assisted with planning, design, budgeting, capital appropriation, procurement, and construction as part of a Capital and Maintenance projects over 13 years.

2001 — GMT 800 Plant Modifications

Conversion of the plant for the new GMT 800 spanned four years, over 1 million square feet. This included building additions, raising the roof of the existing building, conveyor penthouse, and conveyor and equipment installations.

2005 — Body Shop Tool Installation

This 100,000 square feet project included the installation of the new body shop robots, tools, and fixtures for the GMT 900 SUV productions. The work was separated into four separate production shut down times – Thanksgiving 2004, Christmas 2004, April 2005, and July 2005.

2006 — GMT 900 Plant Modifications  

The 10-week GMT 900 model change was a complete conversion of the assembly plant to build the new model, spanning 1.2 million square feet.

General Motors was a fantastic partner for JP Cullen and the Rock County Community.  Without a doubt, they helped JP Cullen get to where we are today.

We learned many valuable lessons while at the General Motors plant, such as planning work, implementing safety processes, and meeting aggressive schedules during plant shutdowns.

Many of JP Cullen’s current leaders were once employees of General Motors.  They brought with them a great work ethic and processes to streamline our production.


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May 16, 2024