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How Pre-Planning Can Benefit Your Job

Tiffany Scuglik

For all of you OCD planners out there, here at JP Cullen, we get you. It is part of our culture to plan. When we are working at an active power plant that provides power to neighboring towns, we must have a plan. There are too many people depending on us to get the job done safely and right the first time. There is no room for error in the Power Industry.

What do we mean by pre-planning?

Pre-planning is critical if you want a project done right, completed on time, and on budget! Pre-planning is ultimately creating a schedule, planning for possible changes that might arise and developing a plan on how to overcome them, as well as looking at process improvement —how we can eliminate waste and inefficiencies. Planning is constantly evolving as a job progresses.

Planning is incredibly important in defining how the work will be executed and what specific commitments will be required to complete the work. Here at JP Cullen, we make it a priority to understand our clients’ processes and help them get back up and running. It is our job to plan the work so that it will be completed within, if not prior to, the end of the required schedule. Our pre-planning process incorporates input from all the team members including the architect, engineer, and owner.

How can pre-planning benefit your job?

Pre-planning can benefit you:

  • Pre-planning helps us look at the design and engineering aspect. As builders, we develop efficient plans on how to complete the project.
  • Pre-planning allows us to look for areas that we could incorporate process improvement into the job – whether that be using prefabrication, identifying the material you will need, or where equipment should be placed. Our goal for process improvement is to eliminate any waste, ultimately being more efficient. If you pre-plan, you identify those possible wastes and can better plan on what to do and how to eliminate them.
  • You are never going to be perfect with eliminating wastes, such as weather, but again, pre-planning helps you brainstorm and plan for unforeseen conditions and how you are going to overcome these challenges.

All of these possible ways to pre-plan ultimately leads you to the benefits of:

  • Jobs completed safely
  • Acceleration of schedule
  • Saving you money
  • Quality and better end result of your project

Learn more about how we are implementing our pre-planning process to our clients in the Power Industry!


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May 16, 2024