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Prefabricating 75,000 lbs. Tanks

George Cullen

Prefabrication is a schedule saver that reduces congestion and promotes safer work at jobsites. On a current jobsite, prefabrication was used on a grand scale. The specifications for this prefabrication job included four tanks and five alcove walkways for our food client.

With limited space and large items, the JP Cullen team prefabricated these tanks and alcove walkways adjacent to the active jobsite to avoid unnecessary congestion. To comprehend the size of the tanks, one tank weighed in at 75,000 lbs. and had a holding capacity of 105,670 gallons. In addition to these massive tanks, the five alcoves were prefabricated with structural steel, MEPF systems, and insulated metal panels.

Putting together both the tanks and alcove walkways on the ground greatly reduced the amount of work that could have been done 65’ in the air where these items would have gradually been installed piece by piece. After these items were prefabricated, the team used a Goldhofer remote controlled trailer to transport these items to the install location. Within six days, the JP Cullen team put together and installed these items safely and efficiently. 

Tough jobs call for smarter and safer solutions. Learn more about JP Cullen’s prefabrication and how it can benefit your next project here.


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May 16, 2024