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Tough Job Innovators

Tiffany Scuglik

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Every job has its ups and downs, including unforeseeable challenges. While recently working at a food manufacturing plant, JP Cullen faced some unforeseen obstacles. In the midst of these difficulties, JP Cullen maintained and built confidence for our client by overcoming two specific obstacles: the installation of two (2) Shick Esteve Vertical Form Filling Systems, specifically the (4) product tanks on the uppermost portion of the systems that hold the ingredients, and the erection of a suspended conveyor belt.

In the realm of innovation, the JP Cullen team delivered. Within the food manufacturing plant, spaces are confined, and the plant is in production. There is little room for error and no time to waste. The JP Cullen team prepared for the installation of two (2) Vertical Form Filling Systems. It was soon realized, however, that there was virtually no way to place the product tanks of these systems on the second story mounts without the ability to rotate and set them in the tight spaces securely. One of JP Cullen’s Millwright Foreman, Scott Eick, did not let that challenge hinder the advancement of this project. Using some spare steel, he formed a Revolving Claw Installation Device. This ingenious invention included a turntable that would allow the JP Cullen team to safely carry the blender tanks to their designated locations and spin them to the correct mounting angles. After JP Cullen self-performed the installation of the Vertical Form Filling System tanks, JP Cullen millwrights welded the pieces onto their supports.

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Jacob Rusch, Project Site Engineer, displays the Revolving Claw Installation Device

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Rusch demonstrates the spinning capabilities of the Revolving Claw Installation Device

Another tough job involved the ceiling of the same food manufacturing plant. JP Cullen was tasked with the installation of a conveyor system from the “Blend Cell” portion of the plant that prepares the ingredients. These ingredients are then sent to an automatic case packing machine. After the ingredients have been packaged, they are sent down an automatic conveyor system to be palletized by a robot. In order to transport the packaged ingredients via conveyor belts, the food manufacturing plant requested that the conveyors be suspended from the ceiling. This would provide clearance for the plant’s forklift traffic and the inventory that they handle.

JP Cullen, using our own self-performed Ironworkers and Millwrights, made this tough job look easy. The JP Cullen team installed structural support joists on the ceiling trusses that displace the weight of the conveyor system. From these joists, metal support rods hang from the ceiling to the conveyor system, creating the suspension. Approximately 15 feet from the ceiling and 15 feet from the ground, the conveyor belt was suspended throughout the plant (150+ yards in length).

Innovation and self-performance display the tough job expert mentality of JP Cullen. Not backing down from challenges, the JP Cullen team overcomes unforeseeable challenges every day for our clients.

We aim to exceed expectations – it is what we do.



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May 28, 2024