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Allison’s Marketing Internship with JP Cullen


Allison Thiry spent the last year working alongside JP Cullen’s marketing team, learning the ins and outs of marketing in the construction industry. She is graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater this spring with a degree in Marketing and emphasis in Digital Marketing. We asked Allison about her experiences with JP Cullen and what it was like to be behind the scenes of JP Cullen’s marketing efforts.

What types of job responsibilities did you work on during this internship?

What was great about this internship is that I was able to dive into a little bit of everything. I managed JP Cullen’s social media pages, assisted with putting together proposals, made updates to the company website, conducted market research, and designed resources for the company. Some designing projects I worked on throughout the last year included ads, project brochures, event invites and graphics, jobsite and event apparel, proposal templates, and much more.

What was your favorite project that you worked on this past year?

My favorite projects I worked on over the last year with JP Cullen were projects centered around events that required several design elements needed from the marketing team such as apparel graphics, signage, and invites. Some projects included preparing graphics for the Cullen Construction Career Fair, employee onboardings, JP Cullen’s Annual Meeting, and various company events. I enjoyed these projects because I was given creative freedom to design and create graphics, and then I was able to see them being used at the events.

Why was this internship so meaningful to you?

This internship was meaningful to me because I believe the work I did was valuable to both myself and the company, and I felt more like an employee than an intern. I learned more about marketing than I had expected to in one year, and I learned a lot about the construction industry. This was an unexpected bonus, as I found the industry interesting and rewarding. This internship was also particularly rewarding to me because it helped me realize what areas of marketing I am most interested in.

What skills have you developed working here?

I have developed several important skills that I will carry with me throughout my career, all too many to count because I was able to apply many concepts from my classes to real situations at JP Cullen. One important skill was learning Adobe software, particularly InDesign and Photoshop. I was first introduced to these at the start of my internship and now use them daily. I also strengthened my time management skills because I was able to work on several projects at a time both in the office and remotely from home while I was in school. Additionally, I was introduced to website design using WordPress and the beginning stages of market research.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience here at JP Cullen?

My internship with JP Cullen was more than I could have asked for, and I am truly grateful to have been a part of this company for the past year. This internship introduced me to many skills and concepts in marketing, it helped me decide my next steps after graduation, and my mentors taught me more than I could have imagined in marketing, the construction industry, and even about myself as a marketer. I would recommend an internship, and any position, with JP Cullen because of the amazing and rewarding experiences I’ve had with them over the last year.

What are your goals for after graduation?

My time with JP Cullen has shaped my decisions for after graduation, and the work I’ve done during this internship helped me realize what parts of marketing I am most passionate about. After graduating this May, I will be going back to school at NWTC in Green Bay to pursue a degree in Graphic Design.

Thank you to Allison for all her help over the last year! We wish her the best of luck after graduation.

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May 16, 2024