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DEI: A Commitment to Growth at JP Cullen

Laura Cullen

Hello, builders of change! I’m Laura Cullen, the Training and Development Manager at JP Cullen. After earning my certificate from UW-Madison, I’m thrilled to unveil the impactful steps JP Cullen is taking to shape a more inclusive workplace and contribute to a diverse and equitable future.


Creating an Inclusive Environment Through Training:

We believe that fostering an inclusive workplace begins with education. We provide a range of training programs designed to address various aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our employees engage in sessions covering anti-harassment, mental wellness, workplace etiquette, coaching and mentorship, as well as understanding the different generations and diverse backgrounds. These initiatives aim to create a culture of respect, understanding, and collaboration among our team members.


Employee Resource Groups:

To further enhance connectivity and camaraderie within our organization, we have established employee resource groups. These groups, including emerging leaders, support staff, project managers, estimators, superintendents, foremen, veterans, and women in construction, provide a platform for team members to build meaningful relationships with their peers and leaders of the company. Through these groups, we encourage open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, fostering a supportive community within JP Cullen.


Bi-Annual Employee Reviews:

JP Cullen is committed to the professional development of our employees. To ensure continuous growth, we conduct bi-annual reviews, providing constructive feedback and coaching. This process not only helps our team members understand their strengths and areas for improvement but also emphasizes our dedication to their success.


Fair and Equal Hiring Practices:

A key component of our commitment to DEI is reflected in our hiring practices. We maintain a diverse recruiting and interview team to eliminate bias and ensure equal opportunities for all candidates. Additionally, we offer job shadows to prospective employees, participate in career fairs focused on diversity, and perform regular pay equity analyses to ensure fair compensation for all team members.


Community Partnerships:

JP Cullen actively seeks partnerships with organizations dedicated to helping underrepresented populations enter the construction industry. Collaborations with organizations like WRTP Big Step, Operations Fresh Start, Boys and Girls Club, and Highway Construction Skills Training allow us to contribute to the broader community. We engage in job site tours, job shadows, resume preparation, and mock interviews to support individuals from diverse backgrounds in building successful careers in construction.



At JP Cullen, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion goes beyond words – it’s an integral part of our company culture. Through comprehensive training programs, ERGs, fair hiring practices, employee reviews, and community partnerships, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. We believe that by fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, we not only enrich our workplace but also contribute to the growth and progress of the construction industry.


If this sounds like a culture you want to belong to, check out our open positions:

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May 16, 2024