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Green Construction: Cullen Hires Goats To Clear Hillside in Madison


J. P. Cullen implements a new level of green construction by using goats to clear brush from a steep, overgrown hillside behind The School of Human Ecology building project on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Shane Swart (pictured above), a J.P. Cullen site engineer, thought of the idea after reading an article in the Wisconsin State Journal about different goat herds helping to restore a Lafayette County prairie. When the goats are through, workers will have a clear path to clean up the larger trees and any other remaining plants. After the area is cleared, terracing will decrease the slope, and native canopy trees, fescue lawn mixes, and a mix of native wildflowers and grasses will replace the undesirable plants in the area.

The Human Ecology project involves a complete demolition, renovation, and addition to the 100-year-old existing building. Approximately 76,000 square-feet of renovation on five levels to the existing building and a 97,000 square-foot, five-level addition will be added. The addition includes a parking garage on the first level. The project is seeking LEED Gold Certification.

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May 16, 2024