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Looking Back on 2017

Tiffany Scuglik

It is that time of year when lists of goals are being made and we look back at this past year of all that we have accomplished.

One of my favorite movies to watch this time of year is It’s a Wonderful Life. If you haven’t seen the movie, I would highly recommend it. The story goes after George Bailey wishes he had never been born, an angel is sent to earth to make George’s wish come true. George starts to realize how many lives he has changed and impacted, and how they would be different if he was never there.

This movie is a great display of how each person touches so many lives whether in your own family, friends you’ve made, co-workers and clients you work with, that same Starbucks barista that makes your coffee every morning, or even a complete stranger you just held the door for.

My favorite line from the movie is when Clarence, the angel, tells George, “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends”.

Here at JP Cullen, we are remembering the late J.P. Cullen and all the friends he made and lives he touched here at JP Cullen as well as outside of our company through subcontractors, union workers, architects, engineers, contractors, clients, and so so many more.

Let us all take some time in between our goal list making as the year comes to an end and the new one begins, and truly appreciate all the friendships we have made and the people that surround us every day.

Happy New Year!



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