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University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Madison, Wisconsin

Since 1999 JP Cullen has been working closely with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Athletics Department starting with and addition and renovation to Camp Randall, the historical site of a former Civil War Union training camp. Camp Randall stadium is now the fourth-oldest college football stadium in the country. Camp Randall holds a special place in ours and the state’s heart as JP Cullen’s partnership has spanned over three generations of Cullen leadership.

Over the last 20+ years our partnership has continued. We have constructed over 50 athletic projects for the Wisconsin Badgers, including, but not limited to:

  • Camp Randall South End Zone Renovation
  • Camp Randall Addition & Renovation
  • Camp Randall Student-Athlete Performance Center & Dave McClain Athletic Facility
  • Camp Randall Turf Replacement
  • Camp Randall & Kohl Center IT Infrastructure Improvements
  • Camp Randall 9th Level Club
  • Camp Randall AHU Replacement
  • Camp Randall Concourse Roof Replacement
  • Camp Randall Electrical Substation
  • Camp Randall Expansion Joint Repairs
  • Camp Randall Football Meeting Rooms
  • Camp Randall Gate 5 Renovations
  • Camp Randall Heritage Hall & Furnishings
  • Camp Randall Mansukhani Terrace Sign
  • Camp Randall North New Video Service Room
  • Camp Randall Nutrition Room Relocation
  • Camp Randall Relighting North End
  • Camp Randall New Score Board
  • Camp Randall Section M Expansion Joints
  • Camp Randall Service Building
  • Camp Randall South End Zone Joint Repairs
  • Camp Randall South End Zone Remodel
  • Camp Randall Stadium Furnishings
  • Camp Randall Team Room Expansion & Furnishings
  • Camp Randall Toilet Room Renovation
  • Camp Randall Traffic Coating & Caulk Repair
  • Camp Randall Upper Deck Coating & Sealant
  • Camp Randall Upper Deck Storm Pipe Repair
  • Camp Randall Window Replacement
  • Camp Randall Winterization
  • Camp Randall Wrestling Rooms
  • Camp Randall Center Aisle Handrails
  • Camp Randall 2nd Floor Football Office Remodel
  • Camp Randall Concession Room 3490 & 3414 Heating
  • Camp Randall Convert Recovery Room Cold Pool to Hot
  • Camp Randall Football Locker Replacement
  • Camp Randall Football Recovery Center Remodel
  • Camp Randall Football WOW Room Remodel & Video Displays
  • Camp Randall Furnishings for Athletics Operations
  • Camp Randall South Coiling Door Near Gate 1 Install
  • Camp Randall Monument Relocation
  • Goodman Softball Complex Renovation & Addition
  • Basketball & Hockey Offices
  • Fieldhouse Partial Roof Replacement
  • Fieldhouse Exterior Restoration
  • Fieldhouse ADA Seating
  • Fieldhouse AHU Cooling Coil
  • Fieldhouse Upper Deck Compliance
  • Kohl Center Addition and Renovation
  • Kohl Center BSP Office Remodeling
  • Kohl Center Concession Kitchen
  • Kohl Center Expansion Project
  • Kohl Center Gym AHU Dehumidification
  • Kohl Center Server Room Cooling
  • Kohl Center South End Club Area
  • Kohl Center Travel Wisconsin Concession Stand
  • LaBahn Center Hockey Lounge Remodel
  • McClain Emergency Generator
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Repair Projects
  • PCI Compliance
  • Porter Boathouse Laundry Remodel
  • W-Club Interior Offices
Educators Credit Union Headquarters
BMO Bank Merrill Branch Renovations