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JP Cullen Apprenticeship Bootcamp

Jessica Richards

This past month JP Cullen held a boot camp for all the new apprentices that will be working on our job sites. This helps our apprentices gain hands-on training before they begin work at a job site.


Tony Rothschadl lead the boot camp aimed at acclimating apprentices to the work environment and tools. Initially, they receive instructions on tool usage and safety protocols. Subsequently, they engage in supervised projects, gaining practical experience and receiving constructive feedback from their instructors. Unlike a classroom setting, these apprentices actively participate in hands-on work, tackling challenges such as scaling walls, handling complex hardware, and effective communication for efficient completion of tasks. We had 8 apprentices, and 4 youth apprentices attend our boot camp. Including AJ Russutto, Zach Loew¸ Arturo Garcia, Andrew Thorpe, Jared Davis, Trentyn Lund, Devon Anderson, and Keegan Spooner. The Youth Apprentice includes Seth Kath, Mac Neefe, Colin Lewellin, and Jacob Fell.


 JP Cullen is proud to offer a robust Apprenticeship Program, led by Superintendent, Maurice Mueller. Maurice started with JP Cullen in 2013 as an apprentice and is now one of our Superintendents specializing in the Healthcare division. We asked Maurice to tell us a little more about the Apprenticeship Program.


Can you tell us a little bit about our overall apprenticeship program and the number of apprentices we currently have?

We have a 15-person apprenticeship committee that helps steer and guide the group. Currently, we have 76 apprentices which includes 8 youth apprentices from area high schools. We’ve hired 27 new apprentices in the last six months.


Can you share some highlights from National Apprenticeship Week and our Graduates?

Laura Cullen, Training Development Manager, and Kelsey Bull, Training & Development Engineer, attended the WRTP Big Step apprenticeship career fair in Madison. Aaron Roach, Carpenter Foreman, and I served as guest speakers at the Rock and Green County Apprenticeship Lunch and Learn in Janesville, organized by workforce development. Our internal JP Cullen All Apprentice meeting honored 13 graduating. The meeting featured speeches from Richard Cullen, Joe Schwengels, Senior Superintendent, and Cary Karman, Superintendent 2, discussing career prospects in our company and the trades.


What was your biggest takeaway from when you were an apprentice?

Working with the crew and having the opportunity to learn the trades and understanding the work that they put in every day. My favorite project to date is the Artic Passage at Henry Vilas Zoo. I’m not one for heights and have never climbed concrete forms before but I learned how to do that and overcame my fear of heights. By the end of the job, I was racing Johnny Rocker up to the top of the forms.

Does JP Cullen offer youth apprentices?

Yes! You can start as early as a junior in high school. Youth Apprenticeship integrates school and work-based learning, teaching employability and occupational skills defined by Wisconsin Industries. Students learn from qualified teachers and skilled worksite mentors, fulfilling high school graduation requirements while being employed.


Interested in becoming an apprentice? Check out our website to learn more: Youth Apprenticeships | JP Cullen



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May 16, 2024