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The Power of Collaboration: Corporate Advisory Boards

Betsy Ennis

For over 30 years JP Cullen has participated in the strategic planning process, in which ownership requests key employees to help create strategic plans that look ahead for 3 years. In the ever-evolving world of construction, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. With the baton now passed to the 5th generation of ownership, JP Cullen is more committed than ever to achieving its goals and conquering the unique challenges posed by the construction industry and economy. One essential asset in our company is our Corporate Advisory Board. In this blog, we will explore what it is and why it matters to our clients.


JP Cullen has been a successful construction firm for many years without a formal Advisory Board, but as the construction industry evolves, the owners wanted independent and objective views and ideas toward accomplishing business goals and approaches to emerging challenges. In 2014, JP Cullen’s 4th generation owners, established a board to assist the company in accomplishing its goals and navigating the challenges of the construction industry. The 5th generation of ownership who lead the company today have continued this practice with an Advisory Board that assists with accomplishing the company’s goals and navigating the challenges of the construction industry.


The members of the Advisory Board have demonstrated success in their fields and have held C-suite management roles in or have advised businesses that match or exceed the size and complexity of JP Cullen. The culture of this board is characterized by each member sharing his/her insights and ideas to push management’s thinking. The advisory board provides input on all elements of JP Cullen’s business, which will translate to better experiences for our clients both internally with JP Cullen employees and externally with our clients and their projects.


The Advisory Board meets quarterly alongside our ownership team, creating a robust forum for innovation, debate, and open discussion. During these meetings a variety of topics are covered, including our strategic plan, key investments, and challenges we are facing.


Our stakeholders, including employees and customers, benefit from the Advisory Board, as it pushes innovative thinking and operational excellence for our company and projects. Our Advisory Board brings fresh, innovative perspectives that can help streamline processes, boost efficiency, and deliver better outcomes on our construction projects. Additionally, our board members come with impressive backgrounds in their own careers. They bring expertise to our team, providing practical perspective on improving our projects and enhancing our overall service quality. When you partner with JP Cullen, you benefit from this wealth of knowledge.


Both our strategic planning and advisory boards share a unified objective: to be as thoughtful and intentional as possible about the entirety of our business. This commitment extends from all markets and levels of our company, from ownership and key leadership to our dedicated support groups and field staff. We are committed to propelling our company into the 6th generation of ownership and continuing the legacy of builders for generations to come.


In a constantly changing industry, JP Cullen understands that collaboration and innovation are essential for the success of our company and our customer’s projects. Our Corporate Advisory Board is a testament to our dedication to your needs and the future of the construction industry. If you have any questions or wish to explore how to establish a formal Advisory Board or how this collaboration can enhance your projects, please reach out to George Cullen (

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May 16, 2024